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Install the DevPort CLI Client

Install NodeJS

The first thing you'll need to do is install NodeJS. You don't need to learn Node to use DevPort, but our CLI tool is distributed on NPM, the NodeJS Package manager.

You can find instructions for installing NodeJS here.

Optional: Install NodeJS via NVM

NVM stands for Node Version Manager and is an awesome way to run multiple NodeJS versions. Super helpful if you plan on learning Node.

You can learn how to install NVM here.

Install devport via npm

NPM comes bundled with NodeJS. To install the DevPort cli tool run this command.

npm install devport -g

This will install the DevPort cli tool and add it to your path. It will be available globally.

Run devport --help to make sure everything is setup properly.

Login to devport via cli

Type the following command to login.

devport -l

Enter the key and secret found on this page.

You should get a success message like so:

OK: Logged in as ianjennings

Where to go from here

If you're building your own portfolio, check out our design guide.

If you're cloning an existing portfolio, you can skip to our deployment guide.