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Mudasir Rehman


ASP.NET MVC Web and C Sharp Desktop Application Developer

Library Management System

Introduction: The project titled Library Management System is Library management software for monitoring and controlling the transactions in a library .The project “Library Management System” is developed in C#, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new member, new books, and updating new information, searching books and members and facility to borrow and return books.“Library Management System” is a windows application written for 64-bit Windows operating systems, designed to help users maintain and organize library.Our software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. It features a familiar and well thought-out, an attractive user interface, combined with strong searching Insertion and reporting capabilities. The report generation facility of library system helps to get a good idea of which are the books borrowed by the members, makes users possible to generate reports’ hard copy. The software Library Management System has four main modules. Insertion to Database Module – User friendly input screen. Extracting from Database module – Attractive Output Screen. Report Generation module – borrowed book list & Available book list. Search Facility system – search for books and members. Tools and Technologies: MS Visual Stadio 2015 SQL Server 2014

University Recruitment System

introduction: The online university recruitment System. This application is providing support to job seekers (students) & Companies. By implementing this application any organization can open a new door to the job students for searching available jobs and testing self-skills, an opportunity to the recruiting companies for giving advertisement. This application can give a good profitable dimension to that organization as the number of users will increase day by day in this new era. All types of functionalities of this application have been mentioned here accordingly. Tools and Technologies: MS Visual Stadio 2015 SQL Server 2014

inventory system

Introduction: This is the very basic inventory system. in this project only one class used and specially this all project maked in Array Lits.This a smester projrct for students. Tools and Technologies: MS Visual Stadio 2015



A web developer web designer design web templets using psd and wix.com.I hope you like my work and my work speak's for me .


design a templet for Ecommerce website...using jquery ajax css

Current Temp

Current Temp specializes in providing expert, efficient and knowledgeable LOCAL staffing solutions for a variety of programs and events including: sales meetings, product launches, CME programs, seminars and workshops, corporate and nonprofit events, public events, mobile marketing, roadshows, and tradeshows. Our on-site staff brings a unique knowledge of your program’s locale that no series of site visits can replace.

Scott Brackett

Austin, TX

Software, Audio, Art, Web Design

Echo Location Studio

Website for an Austin Studio.


Text based rpg game.

Floating Man

Game By Scott Brackett, Music by Chris Wellock. Created in Unity.

Waqas Zafar

Gujrat Pakistan

Software Programmer

ACE Sales Agent Portal

its an online Protal of country managers of ACE to check thier customers. Also they can check their commission and the status of the transactions of thier customers. Tech Used: PHP,MySQL,AJAX,HTML,CSS,JavaScript

Agent Care (Mini CRM)

its a desktop application like a crm.Use to add complaints and suggestions of caller about the system of organization. Tech Used: C#.Net (Window Form) , MSSQL , Crytal Reports ,Three Tier Architecture


Sydney, Australia

Developer/NetSysDevOP. I help a lot of people with their projects.


As a product of GovHack Sydney 2015, Lapsody is the ambitious brainchild of Alexander Nicholson, Jeremy Vista, Joseph Hilsberg, and Laura Rojas. Lapsody is a web-app that provides a visual time progression of current habits and practices. So too based on crowdsourced and archival data conjures up a prediction of the local environment in time to come.


UniBurb! is a project targetted towards students wanting to come to Sydney. This application will help them find the perfect place in Sydney using open government data.


SaltStackWebView Requirements: SaltStack Master SaltStack Slave(s) Web Server with PHP Support Features: Current Time (Page automatically refreshes) View Connected Nodes View Node Stats View Node IPs Setting SaltStackWebView up on your Saltstack Master Cron Place salt.sh in your user directory. Type crontab -e and add this at the end: * * * * * /root/salt.sh (change root to the directory you placed salt.sh into) Set up web frontend Make sure your web server with PHP Support is running. Copy the www folder to your /var/www web directory folder. Done! Browse to http://yourip/ and everything will work! Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/)

Krishna Teja Vooka


Master's in Computer Engineering. With focus on Web Application Development and Software Engineering.

Zuke Music Project

Designed Discover Profile Page for ZUKE Music. Using React Redux, Bootstrap and SASS.


I can add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers. I can clear the input field with a clear button. I can keep chaining mathematical operations together until I hit the equal button, and the calculator will tell me the correct output.


Using Twitch.TV JSON API, the status of the users will be displayed in the APP. If a Twitch user is currently streaming, I can see additional details about what they are streaming.

Samuel Granato

Dallas, Tx

Web Developer and Information Architect


MADDvocate Fall 2015 - 35th Anniversary

35 Years Together: MADD

Find out what we have done in the last 35 years in our interactive timeline.

MADD Online Victim/Survivor Tribute

MADD wants to honor each person impacted by a drunk driving crash-they are the reason we do what we do. We invite you to create a tribute page for yourself or a loved one who was killed or injured in a drunk driving crash.



Just learn and do

Appointment app

Features Automatic assignment of affiliates to appointments based on their most recent location Calendar view Agenda view Multiple roles Google calendar export Email notifications Appointment releasment for affiliates to grab Log viewer Work hours for affiliates Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] Google API jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge

Social Platform

Features Users Friendship Live messaging Posts (public/private) Comments (with images and deleting) Share (social and via email) Honor post (public) Light a candle for a post (for registered users only) Tagging Search Register/Login via social accounts Admin blocking of users Statistics for admin Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge

Apartments Doca - unfinished by client

Features Custom cms Paypal payment and processing Booking with price calculation for different parts of the season Export of guest list Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] Google API Paypal express jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge

Kim Desrosiers

Saguenay, Québec, Canada

Me in some words: Developer, Learn, Bike, Music and fun!

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time dashboard - GDPL This is a event dashboard providing real-time data such elevation, speed, distance to travel and the position of the event's runners. The dashboard includes various informations about time, speed and distance, a map to show the position of the main vehicules and a chart with an elevation graphique for the next 5 kilometers. Used technologies Languages HTML Javascript CSS PHP Libraries Leaflet Jquery JqPlot Bootstrap

Itinerary simulator - Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association

Itinerary simulator - Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association This is a project that I did during my internship at the CGQ. It allowed me to learn some basic concepts of the geomatics. Used technologies Languages Mostly HTML/Javascript/CSS and some PHP for backend requests. Libraries OpenLayers GeoExt ExtJs

Real-time race viewer and custom OpenLayers control

Real-time race viewer and custom OpenLayers control This project involves a race viewer to view the races in real-time. Also, I did a custom OpenLayers control that allowed races managers to give some security informations to runners. The real-time informations was provided by the SNALT platform of the CGQ. Used technologies Languages HTML Javascript CSS PHP (Backend requests) Libraries OpenLayers 3 Jquery Proj4js


Austin, TX

Last of the freelance hackers. Greatest swordfighter in the world.

Crosshair Overlay Screen Decals

Crosshair Overlay screen decals is a product I developed over a weekend usuing materials sourced from local shops and a laser cutter found in my workplace. Crosshair decals help FPS gamers get more headshots in their favorite games. Here's a summary from the Amazon listing page: Improve your accuracy and get more headshots. Works in all First Person Shooter games. Applies directly to screen and leaves no residue. Will not ruin TVs, LCD or Plasma Monitors. Undetectable by all anti-cheat software. Improve your accuracy. Get more headshots. Don't rely on missing, shaky, and inaccurate in game crosshairs. Crosshair Overlay Screen Decals are a consistent indicator of where your gun will fire. That means you'll get more headshots, more kills, and score higher. Works with virtually every FPS game. Incredibly inconspicuous Decals are designed to be as small as possible while remaining visible. Our decals are fully transparent and non distracting. Completely round circles cut with lasers and every package inspected for quality assurance. Undetectable by anti-cheat software. Don't get banned for using cheat software. Our screen decals are completely undetectable by anti-cheat software like PunkBuster and Valve VAC. Works with all screens Crosshair Overlay Screen Decals apply directly to your screen. They will not harm TVs, LCD or Plasma displays. Incredible accuracy with an inconspicuous design. The smallest crosshair overlay available. Get more headshots and improve your K/D ratio! Crosshair Overlays give you the advantage! The crosshair overlay helps you aim better, quick scope, no scope, and throw grenades in your favorite First Person Shooter games. Ever wonder how professional gamers no-scope? They've got one of these! Shoot accurately without looking down the scope. No distractions while browsing or streaming. inconspicuous small design so you won't need to remove the decal. Made entirely with lasers in Austin, TX. Contains 11 Crosshair Overlay Screen Decals.


Custom wake up call alarms powered by Twilio.

Project EON - Realtime Dashboards

With PubNub's open-source EON project, you can now quickly create dashboards and visualizations with feature-rich libraries, a variety of chart types, and custom map themes and markers.