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JM Miguel

San Pedro Laguna, PH

Backend/Web Developer


A project management tool focuses on meetings and agenda

Surreal Facts

The World's #1 source for mind-blowing surreal facts. Discover thousands of interesting and shocking facts about animals, history, celebrities, technology, and more. Features: +Daily Updates - Yes we update many times a day! +Save as Favorite +Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, SMS, Email, and many more.


Partyphile is the easiest way to discover and get access to the best parties, events and nightlife hotspots in your city Partyphile allows you to: • Book tables from the top clubs, bars, lounges, grills and karaokes in your city • Book tables using your prepaid cellphone load or postpaid bill • See the parties and events that you like based on your preferred venues and music • See where your friends are going to party • Get an all access pass to all the parties in town via the VIP Membership • Get on the guest list of the top parties in your city in one tap • Easily put your friends on the guest list with you • Enter venues easily without having an ID and have your Party ID scanned




freeboard - Доска бесплатных объявлений для АН Жилтраст

Последние объявления: Куплю квартиру новостройку в Павловском Посаде Хочу купить квартиру в новостройке со свидетельством на частное лицо. В Павловском Посаде или в Электрогорске Московской области. Крайние этажи не предлагать. Телефон: (495) 979-91-46Куплю квартиру без посредников в Павловском Посаде Куплю двухкомнатную квартиру в Павловском Посаде Московской области. Недалеко от железнодорожного вокзала.

GetInTen.ru - Попади в десятку!!!

Игра без случайных выигрышей

po-bereg.com - Торговый дом Берег

Производство противопожарного оборудования - пожарные рукава, огнетушители, пожарные автомобили.

Ngo Quoc Cuong

Hanoi, Vietnam

Software Engineer at Fujitsu Vietnam, formerly at Samsung Vietnam Mobile R&D Center


Switch sound profiles, turn on/off connection automatically as you wish

Galaxy Smartphone

Devepment and Maintenance of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S/W Involved as Android Application SW Engineer Developed, resolved issues Using profiling tools to improve performance, stability

Innovation Projects

Samsung has a lot of innovative activities and researches, I involved in some of them. I usually develop Digital Signal Processing module in these projects. I also sometimes involved in developing Server side such as REST Web Service

Mladen Stojkovic

Serbia, Nis

Self taught web developer following FreeCodeCamp's online coding curriculum

Luis Zenteno

Mexico City

Developer, Swimmer

Banorte MPOS

Para esta aplicación agregué nuevas funcionalidades para soportar un lector de tarjeta diferente, así como arreglar distintos bugs que se tenían en la versión original. También estuve a cargo del contacto con el cliente final (Grupo Financiero Banorte) para la coordinación de pruebas y funcionalidad. Tecnologías: Java, Android Studio

Nuevo Prestanet

Aplicación empresarial para otorgar préstamos a empleados de BBVA Bancomer. Tecnologías: JavaEE con Spring Framework, Spring REST, Bootstrap y jQuery.

CFEMático Móvil

Aplicación Demo funcional de Comisión Federal de Electricidad para iPhone. Se escanea el código de barras del recibo de luz, se recuperan los datos del cliente y se puede pagar mediante la aplicación. En este proyecto estuve en contacto directo con el cliente para definir la funcionalidad principal de la app. Tecnologías: Swift, Sketch para el diseño de pantallas.

Patrick Joseph Gorospe


Mobile and Game Applications Developer

Dragon Tap by DBS

Experience the thrill and energy of DBS Marina Regatta on your mobile! Simply form a team of 4 friends - top teams get a chance to win exciting prizes including tablets, smart watches and fitness trackers! Download Dragon Tap now and start tapping away! The team play competition ends 18 May 2014, so hurry! For more details of exciting prizes, head over to http://www.dbsmarinaregatta.com.

Fairy Tiles

A Unity 3D Game for iOS and Android I developed for Crazy Monkey Studios. The goal of the game is to clear the field of characters. You have to make groups of 5 or more characters of the same color. Once the characters are grouped, you score points, and the grouped characters vanish, making more room for new maneuvers.

Surreal Facts

The World's #1 source for mind-blowing surreal facts. Discover thousands of interesting and shocking facts about animals, history, celebrities, technology, and more. Features: +Daily Updates - Yes we update many times a day! +Save as Favorite +Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, SMS, Email, and many more.

Asif Ahmed

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Game Developer


Lighty is a light following monster! This robot monster starts moving when a flash light is pointed on the eyes. Tools: Arduino, Motor-Shield, DC Motors, Wheels, Light Sensors, 3D Printer, Laser Cutter "Lighty" is a five-person group project.

Generative Art

The main purpose of this project is to design and develop an application that deals with generative art. The application displays different line styles and geometrical shapes appearing one after another randomly within customisable grids. The work was inspired by an artwork of a generative artist Sol LeWitt, named “Lines and Colors”. Tool: Processing It is a two-person group project.

Don't Take Wrong Turn!

Don't take wrong turn! or you will fall to nowhere. It's an endless fantasy game where new excitements and surprises are waiting for you in every turn! Turn, get coins and score. Be a great turner to get top rank on leaderboard with your friends. Happy Turning! Tool: Unity

Allison Betancourt

Austin, TX

Engineer turned awesome

Austin Career Consulting

Austin Career Consulting helps their clients find the career of your dreams. We helped them create a website and blog to start getting an online presence and potential clients. The website is a WordPress website utilizing a Bootstrap theme customized just for them. The navigation bar sticks to the top of the screen on the scroll and was made with JQuery.

Peace Love Nails

Peace Love Nails. A salon in Austin, TX. The new owners of Peace Love Nails wanted to update their website. They wanted to be able to edit content and photos and allow clients to contact them to book appointments and order gift certificates. With a fresh new design and a cloud hosted CMS, they have a brand new, easily accessable website. The site features a carousel, contact forms, map, and social media links.

StThomas Realty

Wendy StThomas, a local realtor and broker in Austin, TX, had no web presence and had no idea where to start. I designed and built her website, created a contact form (with php validation) and integrated her local realtor search into her website (via an iframe). Her website was origionally pieced together with Jekyll and the first page altered to have PHP form on it. Now Wendy has a way for prospective clients to search for her online!


Austin, TX

Last of the freelance hackers. Greatest swordfighter in the world.


Quill Quill is a simple blog engine inspired by Jekyll. Quill runs on node and has an easy command line interface. Themeing is as simple as editing a single html page. Installing & Deployment You can install Quill using the npm package manager. Just type: npm install quill -g Now, we have access to the quill command. We can start a new blog by typing: quill new my_new_blog This will create a new folder in the specified path where our blog will live. Lets start by making a post. cd my_new_blog quill post "My First Post" This will create a post file in the posts/ directory which is prefixed by the current timestamp. All post files are written in Markdown and will compile to static HTML. To deploy the site we are going to use Nodejitsu. Instructions on setting up their commandline tool Jitsu can be found here. Once you have jitsu set up it is as simple as typing: jitsu deploy Local development If you want to edit your themes locally, you can run the quill server by typing: npm install node quill Now you can navigate to http://localhost:8000 and see your blog while you edit it. Note: You have to restart the server when you make changes to see them. Config.json We configure Quill with config.json. { "development": true, "theme": "bootstrap", "name": "Quill", "description": "Blogging for Hackers.", "blogroll": [ { "title": "Download Quill", "url": "https://github.com/theycallmeswift/quill", "description": "Get the quill server" }, { "title": "Official Docs", "url": "https://github.com/theycallmeswift/quill", "description": "The official documentation" }, { "title": "Follow us on Twitter", "url": "http://twitter.com/justquillin", "description": "Follow @justquillin on Twitter" } ] } Here it is line by line: Development Flag "development": true, You won't care about this unless you're helping to build Quill (please do!). Theme "theme": "barebones", What directory the theme is stored in. /themes/[config.theme]/index.html. Every variable from config.json is passed to the theme. Look at the next section to see how the blog name and description appear. There are four example themes in this repository, included the theme found at http://justquillin.com. Name and Description The name of the blog and a short blub about it. "name": "Quill", "description": "Blogging for Hackers.", In the barebones theme we render the name and description in an hgroup: <hgroup> {{#if config.name}} <h1 id="blog-title">{{ config.name }}}</h1> {{/if}} {{#if config.description}} <h2 id="blog-description">{{ config.description }}}<h2> {{/if}} </hgroup> Blogroll The blogroll is an array of objects. These links are also rendered in the template. "blogroll": [ { "title": "Download Quill", "url": "https://github.com/theycallmeswift/quill", "description": "Get the quill server" }, { "title": "Official Docs", "url": "https://github.com/theycallmeswift/quill", "description": "The official documentation" }, { "title": "Follow us on Twitter", "url": "http://twitter.com/justquillin", "description": "Follow @justquillin on Twitter" } ] Here's an example of how the barebones theme renders the blogroll: {{ #each config.blogroll }} <li><a href="{{ url }}" title="{{ description }}">{{ title }}</a></li> {{ /each }} Blog Posts Blog posts are transformed from markdown into templates. Blog posts start as markdown files in /posts and then get passed to our template (as specified in the config). These markdown posts are just like the blogroll found in config. Here's an example of how they're styled in the barebones theme: {{#posts}} <li> <h3 class="title">{{{ title }}} <small>{{{ timestamp }}}</small></h3> {{{ body }}} </li> {{/posts}} The {{{ body }}} variable outputs compiled markdown. This markdown is wrapped in a <div/> with a class of _post and a unique id. <div class="_post" id="1332691107">[compiled markdown (html)]</div> Remember that newlines in markdown get p wrappers. Realtime! It wouldn't be node if it wasn't realtime. The crowd-pleaser for the hackny hackathon, we integrated a realtime notification system for new blog posts. This is added as a bonus variable for templates. Include it at the end of your template, right before the </body> tag. {{{ realtime }}} When you publish a new blog post (by deploying the server), all of the connected clients will be notified in realtime. The notification is appended to the body of the document with javascript. This code gets added to the page whenever a new post is made. It will not exist on the page before this. To test, you can copy and paste the following before the </body> tag. <a href="javascript:location.reload(true)" id="new-post-notice">A new post has been made! <br /><small>Click here to see it.</small></a> Assets Throw all your static assets (like images or javascript) into the /assets folder within the template directory. You can reference these files in your template like this: <img src="/assets/favicon.png" /> Bonus Structure.css If you want an easy way to render markdown, check out structure.css, bundled into the four provided themes within the /assets directory. Based off the rawr framwork.

Hacker League - We Power Hackathons

Hacker League is the premier platform for people who organize and attend hackathons. The Hacker League platform provides event organizers with the online infrastructure they need to organize a hackathon and a comprehensive suite of tools for performing common tasks.


PubNub-Rickshaw-Memory Monitor your NodeJS memory usage with PubNub. Plugs right into pubnub-rickshaw for easy realtime charts. Quickstart Install with npm. npm install pubnub-rickshaw-memory Include in your app with {dev: true}. var pnrickmem = require('pubnub-rickshaw-memory'); pnrickmem.init({dev: true}); That's it! Now when you run your node app, you should see the following: ---------------------- pubnub-rickshaw-memory ---------------------- Monitor this instance: http://localhost:1337?pnrickmem-bff2c45e-ab44-4204-92e3-bd69048502c0 ---------------------- Visit the url to see a realtime graph of your NodeJS memory profile over time. Options Sent as an object during init(). pnrickmem.init({ publish_key: 'demo', channel: uuid(), interval_timeout: 1000 dev_mode: false, port: 3333 }); Parameter Details Type Default publish_key Your PubNub publish key string 'demo' channel Your PubNub channel string uuid.v4(); interval_timeout Delay between memory publishes integer 1000 dev_mode Enable development mode boolean false port Port number for express server spawned when dev mode is enabled integer 3333 How it works NodeJS memory usage is exposed through process.memoryUsage(). Every interval_timeout the module publishes the current output of process.memoryUsage() to the supplied publish_key and channel on the PubNub network. Read more about PubNub here. Dev Mode When dev: true is enabled in options, the module will spawn an express server on localhost using the supplied port. This is a simple static server that already includes the contents of pubnub-rickshaw. Customization You can customize your graph by configuring pubnub-rickshaw to subscribe the the same channel supplied in options.

Alexsander Akers

London, UK

Lover of languages, both human and computer.


What did I do? During my hackNY fellowship over the summer of 2013, I interned at Foursquare. While there, I worked on various parts of the main Foursquare app. (This was before the singular Foursquare app became the dynamic duo, Foursquare and Swarm.) I worked on testing the effects on battery and improving the performance of using the GPS in the background to alert you to cool, new things while you're out and about in new neighborhoods and ares. At the start of my internship, iOS 7 was announced and this meant a complete overhaul of the visual components. For the majority of my internship, I worked with a few other iOS engineers to revamp the way we displayed UI elements on screen to match the new iOS 7 "flat" style. App Store Description Foursquare is your ultimate city guide, in your pocket. Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit — in any city in the world. Access over 60 million short reviews from local experts. Traveling or looking to discover new places nearby? Get the free iPhone and iPad app today. Tell Foursquare your favorite things and the app gets to know you. Search for the best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more. Read short reviews and never miss out on the best thing to order or experience. Save places you want to go, so you never forget. “The new Foursquare, like Netflix, takes a lot of the work out of finding the right thing for the right moment.” — The Verge How It Works: Tell Foursquare what you like — be specific, like “craft beer” or “fried chicken,” or more general, like “outdoor seating” or “romantic places.” Every search is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust. Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our companion app, Swarm. A note on battery – We've spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


MessagePack.swift is a framework I wrote when I noticed that A) JSON would not suit my needs in an app I was working on and B) the current MessagePack implementations in Swift seemed insufficient. Links GitHub MessagePack

React Native

React Native enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React. The focus of React Native is on developer efficiency across all the platforms you care about - learn once, write anywhere. Links GitHub Documentation