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Jake Goss-Kuehn

Minneapolis, MN

building to save the world

Antimage HD Wallpapers

A collection of HD Wallpapers and a soundboard for the hero Anti-mage in the game Dota 2. Part of a 110 app collection.

NLP Eyes

A paid app that is actually getting downloads, this app teaches the user how to read eyes by practicing a little exercise in how the eyeballs of a person's face are aligned with certain pathways in thinking. Endorsed by the NLP Instutute, this app has a small short course on NLP's principals on this topic and the flash card game is merely a easy bonus for this knowledge.

Contact Input

My first application. This short app collects information from a single user and has them put in their own information. Is used to weed out people who put in fake numbers and kind of intriques them. On clicking enter, the user's information is then texted to the phone so the two users can talk to eachother.

John Dispennette


Needle in the Haystack


Spaced-Repetition Create “decks” of “flashcards” and track your progress during dynamic study sessions reviewing what you’ve learned about various subjects in order to increase the effectiveness of your retention and comprehension.:thought_balloon:

Graphics and Art

Several Examples of Art and Graphics I have done throughout the years.

Dispennette Artworks Ultra Premium Commision Artist

Dispennette Artworks. John T. Dispennette the Ultra Premium Commission Artist specializes: Mural & Pallet Paintings, Saltwater Art; Redfish, Tarpon, Snook.


Los Angeles

I'm addicted to Swift!!!


Shooter Game


MyFitZ is a virtual Closet.

Memory Game

The game starts of revealing a random image out of four. The image blinks n times then it's hidden. After matching the image that was shown, with one of the four images at the bottom of the screen, the loop repeats this time adding another image to match with the previous shown image. This loop repeats itself until the user matches the wrong image or the user matching the maximum amount of images which is 16.

Kim Desrosiers

Saguenay, Québec, Canada

Me in some words: Developer, Learn, Bike, Music and fun!

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time dashboard - GDPL This is a event dashboard providing real-time data such elevation, speed, distance to travel and the position of the event's runners. The dashboard includes various informations about time, speed and distance, a map to show the position of the main vehicules and a chart with an elevation graphique for the next 5 kilometers. Used technologies Languages HTML Javascript CSS PHP Libraries Leaflet Jquery JqPlot Bootstrap

Itinerary simulator - Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association

Itinerary simulator - Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association This is a project that I did during my internship at the CGQ. It allowed me to learn some basic concepts of the geomatics. Used technologies Languages Mostly HTML/Javascript/CSS and some PHP for backend requests. Libraries OpenLayers GeoExt ExtJs

Real-time race viewer and custom OpenLayers control

Real-time race viewer and custom OpenLayers control This project involves a race viewer to view the races in real-time. Also, I did a custom OpenLayers control that allowed races managers to give some security informations to runners. The real-time informations was provided by the SNALT platform of the CGQ. Used technologies Languages HTML Javascript CSS PHP (Backend requests) Libraries OpenLayers 3 Jquery Proj4js

Christopher Johnson

United States

maker of things


MasterSword Master Sword application for Android ReadMe for MasterSword v2.05 by Christopher Johnson AKA Kyen Written Sunday, July 17, 2011 Just as example classes, only BaseActivity, MSActivity, BowActivity, and ZeldaPreferenceActivity will be fully commented and described. Due to a request by Nintendo Co., Ltd., Master Sword, along with my other Zelda fan applications, are on permanent hiatus. Please use this however you wish, and if it helps toward a project, please mention me in your release. All images are free for use.


evintr evintr is an event hosting and searching platform that makes it easy to promote your upcoming parties, sales, concerts or reunions, search for what to do on a slow night, or plan a small get-together with some friends.


Sydney, Australia

Developer/NetSysDevOP. I help a lot of people with their projects.


UniBurb! is a project targetted towards students wanting to come to Sydney. This application will help them find the perfect place in Sydney using open government data.


As a product of GovHack Sydney 2015, Lapsody is the ambitious brainchild of Alexander Nicholson, Jeremy Vista, Joseph Hilsberg, and Laura Rojas. Lapsody is a web-app that provides a visual time progression of current habits and practices. So too based on crowdsourced and archival data conjures up a prediction of the local environment in time to come.

Time Machine

The past, in the now. Time Machine allows the user to become a time traveler from the comfort of their modern smartphone. We do all the hard work, grabbing data from reliable government APIs in order to historically display the history of the area in a beautiful format that is easy to understand and enjoy.



Hey there!

Converge MRTG Portal

A web portal where users can login and automatically consolidates and redirected in their corresponding Cacti Servers.

Converge Utilities

A Web System used internally by employees to view Cable Internet/EPON Devices Info and Status

Converge Looking Glass

A looking Glass server for viewing routing information.

Gustavo "Gus" Gonzalez


Full Stack Developer who is actively looking for Jr. Developer positions throughout the U.S.

BarberSite (3rd Website)

Mock Up for client website (2nd client)

FactoryGlam(2nd Website)

Website Mock up for client

Big Daddys' BBQ Mobile App

First Mobile App for a Client. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptowNZQwSJI

Isaiah Coe

Baltimore, Maryland

Web Development Student

German Shepherd Foundation

German Shepherds are the most popular dogs in 2017!

Healthy Foods

Healthy foods is the #1 meal prep company in 2017!

Ninja Tech Deals

We have the best tech deals on the net!

Scott Brackett

Austin, TX

Software, Audio, Art, Web Design

Echo Location Studio

Website for an Austin Studio.


Text based rpg game.

Floating Man

Game By Scott Brackett, Music by Chris Wellock. Created in Unity.