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What typically constitutes a front-end developer's portfolio?


When the word front-end comes up, it mostly refers to how you are designing the User interface to give the best possible user experience to the users.

For a starter I would say try doing some websites that show your skills on building, unique if possible, designs. Take a look at these examples:Adham Dannaway | UI Designer & Front End Developer

Now if you head over to Porfolio:

Design portfolio of Adham Dannaway

It contains a project of each:

  1. Designing UI elements
  2. Web application style products
  3. Designing widgets such as map/chat box/ dropdowns and such

It doesn’t really change that much if you work was accepted by customers, unless it’s a big name that everyone can look up on Internet and can recognize. However, it certainly is a good thing if you show you designed for real projects, not just random work.

If you scale over to Front-end engineering, that includes a lot of other things than just design. It requires showing what kind of Frameworks you have worked with and how much real world projects you have actually taken to production.Check out more portfolio to see what to include:

And if you are actively looking for a job as a student graduating,

look into what companies certainly need. Don’t just pile up work, do things that people want. Here is an interview prep for Front-end devs as well:


Via Quora