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Adam Talcott


Welcome to the first of a series called #devportspotlight where we highlight some of the awesome people using DevPort. Today’s spotlight is on Adam Talcott, who is the co-founder at Vilynx, founder of Atomic Powered and creator of QuakeInfo. He’s a computer engineer, mobile app developer and dad of two.

Computer professional with experience in software and hardware engineering. Design, develop and publish mobile applications for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and Google Android, among other platforms. Extensive experience in processor development (architecture, microarchitecture and verification), performance modeling, and performance analysis.

His portfolio is full of feature filled apps, including an app to store your videos on the cloud, one to get notified of earthquakes, and even an app that acts as a virtual napkin for ideas!

Check out Adam’s full portfolio and get in touch with him here.